Beauty in Simplicity

The predominant theme of my work is to show the simple beauty of the world.  There are no deeper meanings or interpretations to be had in my images.  They are meant to make you stop for moment and feel a bit of wonder about the beauty of the world. 


I find photography to be a "Whole Brain" exercise.  By that I mean, it requires both the "logical or technical" left side and the "creative" right side of my brain to produce a piece of art.

My predominant penchant is for the technical side which led me to a career in chemical engineering.  Along the way, I became fascinated with photography and it gave me an opportunity to express my latent creative side.

I was born in a small town in Northern Ontario called Espanola.  I moved to a bunch of other small towns in Canada as I grew up.  By university age, I was  living in a mining town in Yukon territory and headed off to the University of British Columbia to earn my chemical engineering degree.  Eventually I ended up working in Alberta where I reside today in Calgary.

I have since left the engineering world and now focus on travel and photography searching for those images that express the beauty in simplicity.


2006 - Two images selected for the Mayor's Collection Sherwood Park Alberta

2008 - 5th place Travel category of the Photo Life's "The World We Live in"  photography contest